Well, I said to myself I didn’t want to be involved in making a video game AGAIN, but it seems like I may be doing it AGAIN. Not 100% sure on the idea, but it’s for my “Personal Project” module, I’d be teaming up with a few people I worked with last year. I’d be doing sound again, and the issue would be I can’t really add that to a portfolio. And if I’m not at all involved in the graphics of the game it’d be even more awkward to portfolio-ify.
The idea is effectively a Final Fantasy Tactics style game where you control evil monsters and villains and try to kill superheroes. It’s a cool enough idea, but again, this year would be nice to have as much stuff as possible that I can put into a portfolio website of some sort…

The vibe we’d be going for would be sort of like Evil Genius, but with a more retro Team Fortress 2-inspired visual style. I’m hoping for something quite cartoony, but apparently the rest of the team don’t want it to be too cartoony. But we’ll see…
Again, it isn’t set in stone that this will be my project, but it does look pretty likely, but we’ll hopefully informed of all our allocated project groups by Monday. In the meantime I’ll focus a bit more on other projects… like trying to get After Effects installed, which is frankly going to make me suicide all over the place if it keeps being this awkward.

On a more positive note I’ve started screenprinting, I’ll hopefully let you see some of the early results of that next week!
Finally I’d recommend checking out my ladyfriend’s blog, I think she’s back to using it more regularly, so check it out, there’s some insanely mind-blowing illustration stuff on there.

Listening to: Countdown by Phoenix


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