Goddamn you Virgin ¬_¬

So, our internet in the flat is broken, thank you Virgin Media, and also thanks for sending that replacement modem on time like you sai– oh wait, nevermind.
So in the meantime I’ve been sitting in Abertay for every afternoon for the past week save one day, frantically trying to finish off coursework. Well, good news is Time-Based Narrative is almost entirely tied up, just need to brush up all my storyboards now.
But Information Design, ahh, it’s a bitch. So much to design, and I’ve not even started coding yet. I’m hoping the lecturer isn’t looking for much in the way of flashy motion graphics, because frankly there won’t be any. I’ve learned how to convert Photoshop images into static websites, and that’s good enough for me. So here’s some screenshots from what I’ve been working on today, enjoy…. well, enjoy as much as you can enjoy a few pictures of orange uni-related nonsense.

Listening to: Everything Is Alright – Motion City Soundtrack


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