Time Based Narrative – Finito

Oh, hello again dear old blog. I’ve missed you. Yes, yes I have. Tell you what, to make it up to you I’ve got a little present for you. Yes, here it is, my time-based narrative title sequence all done and on Vimeo and whatnot.

The quality’s annoyingly crap, but I think that’s because of the sheer ammount of format conversions that went into making this video. Putting my intro sequence through a video converter that much must’ve messed it up at least a little. But oh well, the video itself looks not too bad.
The main concept to the film this would be introducing would center around a talented young political activist, convinced that through the use of drugs he can reach a higher state of conciousness, allowing him to uncover the conspiracies and secrets hidden in society. Ultimately this delusion leads to his downfall, with a sort of Icarus-esque plot, documenting his ruination and destruction.
So in other words, a laugh-out-loud, action-packed adventure for all the family.

Listening to: Boy Kill Boy – Rosie’s On Fire


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