Okay, it’s been a while again, but I’ve gotten stuff done, I promise!!
No, I really have though. Basically since I went away for Florida (I’m back now) I’ve finished Popular Film Genres. The essay I chose to do was the one on Double Indemnity and Chinatown. Both good films, actually ordered the DVDs too, it also allowed me to feel all smug and intelligent using words like ‘expressionism’ and ‘classical era’ in an essay.

Also did my “presentation” for Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. Basically just a pretty elaborate powerpoint sent along to the tutors, which in reality probably contains a lot more information than I would have put in if I’d actually done a group presentation. Still, it’s done now, hoping for a decent grade.
Now onto time-based narrative editing.

Listening to: Beach Comber – Real Estate


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