Well, again working on the aesthetics of the website for Information Design, and trying to figure out exactly how to visually represent all the information I’m yet to collect.
I’m thinking of having at least 3 best-selling films for each decade, with about 2 ‘editors picks’ for each decade. Doesn’t sound like much, but it’ll result in over 50 films, that I have to find the poster of, the designer, the director, the leading cast and other random information. In other words, for the next few days instead of enjoying the sun I’ll be hidden away, manically scouring IMDb for data. Fun fun.

The main menu is shown above. Basically you’ll be able to isolate films by a variety of categories, such as decade (running from the 20s to the 2010s) and by genre. Genre’s been split into 5 main categories, Sci-Fi, Action, Drama, Horror and Comedy. Things like War, Adventure and Gangster movies will be allocated to Action, whereas the likes of Romance and Film Noir will go to Drama. Thing is I don’t see there being many comedies, they tend not to sell mad ammounts. This also means I’m going to have to include 2 James Cameron films in my project. Oh, the horror…..

Tonight and tomorrow I’m going to design the pop-out windows for when you click a film’s name on the timeline, and also designing the actual branches of the timeline. Only problem is making sure each year is appropriately spaced, so a year on the timeline has a definitive measurement, so all the films are spaced out correctly.

Wow this project makes me sound dull.

Listening to: Ready to Start – Arcade Fire


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