Another thing I’ve been working on whilst here in the ‘States is my website concept.
The idea is to create a sort of database of movie posters, arranged along a vertical timeline, with a Saul Bass-inspired aesthetic. Today I’ve just been trying my hand at some logos for the proposed website, which I’ve called ‘Screen-Printing’.

Here’s just a couple of concepts, I was going to try out another idea, with a Coca-Cola-esque type style, but I’ll see, cus that can be tricky to do right.
The lecturer didn’t completely buy the idea though, she seemed to think there was another site out there that already did this (there isn’t though, I’ve checked pretty extensively), and then was wandering if my choice of film posters was right. I apparantly need a method of which posters I choose. And that choice should ideally reflect some kind of artistic meaning, it seemingly isn’t enough for it to be a study of design in the movie poster medium over the past 90 years. Ah well.

Listening to: Secondhand Surgery – Hopesfall


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