Well, I’m off on holiday in Florida now, but ‘holiday’ is a slightly deceptive word for it, as I’ve (as you can see) taken my laptop to get more work done. Yeah. Great.
But anyway, I’ve been thinking of things to shoot for my Time-Based-Narrative module.

[not my work]

EF – Live the Language by Albin Holmovist

Looking at this shows how something similar to film titles can be married to brilliant footage. The typography’s nothing short of perfect, and when plastered straight over the face of the video, a-la Social Network poster, you get a really nice, smooth looking video.
The biggesrt problem I’ve got is that all I have is my camera and windows movie maker. Now, I don’t want to offend any movie maker fans out there but… oh wait, I do. It’s shit. Very very shit. The issue I’ve got then is that I can’t really do any of this flashy typography in my video, it’s all going to have to end up looking horrendously basic. Also I can’t apply any colour correction, so the footage is going to have to be amazing on the moment it’s shot, because that’s as good as it’s going to get, no fixing anything in post.

I was thinking (pretty stupidly) that I could film some stuff in the airport on the trip over here, but frankly what you’re allowed to film is limited, seemingly the line between art student and Al-Qaieda operative is a slim one. But oh well, there’s bound to be some nice looking stuff out here… right?

Listening to: Welcome Ghosts – Explosions in the Sky


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