Well, did my presentation today, I was pleased with how it went, but the reaction from the lecturer seemed quite stilted. I dunno, will just have to wait and see, apparantly I didn’t reference other people’s opinion’s enough in it, which is fair enough I guess.

Also got some feedback on my idea for a website. Again, a bit of a stale response from the lecturer. The idea I had was to cover movie posters, putting them into a big timeline, so you can see general trends with poster art, and how films have sold themselves over the past 100 years. The films range from the likes of 2010’s thriller Black Swan to the 1927 sci-fi classic Metropolis.
I wanted to only really show posters which I thought were cool, but apparantly that would make the website empty and pointless. It wouldn’t because it’d still show poster design trends, but ah well.

Apparantly I need to find a point to it, like only involving the best selling films of all time, though I think it would cause me physical pain to include Avatar in my project, but oh well, no pain, no gain. But yeah, apparantly my project is ‘interesting but is sort of pointless’. So I need to find a motivation and a message to slap onto this project. Tricky.

Listening to: Controle – Jakob


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