So, past few days I’ve been rabidly working on my presentation for Tuesday, for the lectures Barbel Kopp is meant to be taking but has been missing from for the majority of the semester. Anyway, general moaning aside for once, I’ve made some decent progress with the presentation. The question was very vague, partly because it wasn’t a question at all, or even a statement, simply a few pretty words thrown together for the sake of it. It’s hard to pull out a coherent presentation from this, but I think I’ve got the jist of it. Basically it’s centering a lot around how companies in modern culture sell themselves, and how it’s changed in the past decade or so.

A big part of it is selling through celebrity culture, get a grinning well-known person on your side and you can probably sell anything. If Zac Effron told people to go out and buy his patented coffee mug that was also a seive he would probably make an absolute fortune. I found a pretty interesting article on the Guardian’s website, which you can find here, talking about how China use and abuse the faces of celebrities for everything, from Princess Diana selling underwear, to David Beckham selling erectile dysfunction cures (teehee).

But people need this, someone to tell them it’s good, because with all the choice in modern society people are terrified of picking the wrong product. It’s the exact same reason that in the past ten years movie posters have been riddled with stars from critics, review taglines now constructing entire voiceovers for trailers. Some films are so desperate to get these quote that they’ll take them from any publications that’s watched a film before, such as the recent ‘Chalet Girl’ boasting it’s gleaming extract from a review in none other than Mizz magazine.

It’s sad really.

Listening to: Walking on the Moon – The Police (shut up)


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