Gotta catch ’em all?

So, I’ve decided on a few things already for my Information Design module.
For one I’ve gone for Dreamweaver to create my website, or website demo at least. The guy we have for programming on our Entertainment Design group is really the bomb. He used to do web design, and strongly advised against using Flash, despite that being what our tutor suggested, annoyingly. But yeah, Dreamweaver, some Fireworks, see how it all works out.

The theme of the website has to be pretty in-depth, so we have a lot of information to handle. I was thinking of covering movie posters, all the good ones over the ages. To represent it visually I think I’m going to create a timeline. It’ll probably end up being something like a much MUCH smaller version of this, the self-proclaimed ‘World’s Tallest Website’. You might ask what this website achieves, and what it is for. I’m not entirely sure on the details, but damn is that a lot of scrolling…
But putting my timeline of posters in a similar format could be nice, style the thing in a Saul Bass-y sort of way, which would be appropriate.

I’m accepting any suggestions of good film posters, hell, I’m encouraging them. GIMME SUGGESTIONS! Need more posters!!!

Listening to: Moonbeams – The For Carnation


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