Fiiinallyyyy *explodes*

So, we FINALLY got everything in our Infromation Design cleared up. Well, mostly. We have to make a website, which isn’t going to be easy, but hey, neither was finding out what to actually do for this module, only took more than half the semester.

But for the website I’ve already decided on a subject, I think I’m just going to try and cover movie posters, come up with a big selection of movie posters that I really like, find out some interesting blether about them, then arrange all of that in an interesting way. I’ve got a few ideas, mostly relating to timelines, arranging all the posters chronilogically, but I’ll talk about that more in later blog entries.

Also, in relation to how to visually represent information, we got shown this website called ‘We Feel Fine’. The idea is that it takes blogs with the phrase ‘I feel’ in the entries, and compiles an unnecesserily massive ammount of data about how the world is feeling as a whole. You can view the sentence containing the operative ‘I feel’ phrase, and go to the blog all this originates from. Some would argue it’s an invasion of people’s privacy, putting, what can be quite personal, into a very open landscape, but I really like it. As sad and nerdy as it is I find stats, when put in a visual medium, really interesting. Is it wierd I’m now feeling a little bit of remorse that my idea doesn’t involve statistics? Yes. Yes it is.

Listening to: Island, IS – Volcano Choir


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