Welcome to chitty wok, play ‘the chitty’ gamew

Godamn! I need to update this more frequently… I’ll make more of an effort anyways.
Got a list of sound effects to deliver for Entertainment Design.

1. Death
2. Enemy Damage
3. Falling Damage
4. Jump
5. Hoist
6. Lower
7. Hop-Down


1. mobileEnemy: Idle Growling
2. mobileEnemy: Roar before Leap
3. ceilingDude: Distant clattering
4. ceilingDude: Falling down from ceiling
5. ceilingDude: Hitting ground and screeching
6. ceilingDude: Preparing to leap back up.
7. lampAmbusher: Lamp reveals itself to be a monster.

The ones in italics are the ones I already have. Problem is I’m waiting on animators to get back with some preliminary animations so I can understand how the monsters move and act, so I can make the sound effects correspond with the monsters nicely. So, for example, a slime monster should not meow. Or… SHOULD IT?!

But also made a title screen, looks not too shabby.


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