Don’t think on your feet…

Well, I’ve not updated this in a fair while, so here goes.
First off, I’ve not really mentioned popular film genres in this blog yet, but basically it’s a bit of a dodgy module where we go in and have to listen to one person to at us for two hours, not really about films, but about their sociocultural doo-dahs. It doesn’t really relate that much to our current course, it tends not to look at the actual films that much, just the general social themes surrounding the genres of FIlm Noir, Sci-Fi and Gangster films. Fun.
Anyway, it’s graded based on a group presentation (which I feel we’ll be doing on Goodfellas) and then an essay. We’ve got to choose from 4 possible essay questions.

(1) With reference to noir and neo-noir, compare and contrast the main generic themes within Double Indemnity and Chinatown.

(2) With reference to the generic conventions of science fiction cinema outline and discuss the main themes of either Bladerunner or Alien.

(3) Describe and discuss the continuities and disruptions of form and convention between Scarface (Dir. Hawks,1930) and Scarface, (Dir. De Palma,1983).

(4) Account for the changes in Hollywood production as a consequence of the break up of the studio system.

I’m more thinking about 1 or 3, comparing two films I feel would give me more to talk about, but I haven’t seen any of those films, so I’ll see.

In other news, Oceansize split up. I’m finding it hard to find the time to do coursework amongst my mourning and such, but I’ll find a way.
Though on the upside, Steven Hodson’s (the bassist’s) solo project, Mild Eyes, has a free EP. DOWNLOAD NOHW.

Listening to: Copenhagen – Mild Eyes


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