Ahh, as Ron so eloquently put in the first Harry Potter film, I need to get my priorities straight. This week should have been spent completing my mountain of sound effects to record, but that’s just not been the case, instead I’ve been designing for bands, and recording demos for my own.
Still, some of the special effects are pretty tricky to get sounding convincing. It’s hard to think of an innovative way to get a specific sound out of objects. For example, in the original King Kong, to get the sound of King Kong’s thunderous footsteps the sound designers put a microphone on a man’s back, and lightly hit a hammer off his chest. Seriously, how did they think of that? It’s such an obscure method of getting a sound, but still, if it worked…

Should also see the science department in uni, see if they’d let me record some experiments. The issue is, I don’t know what chemical reactions I’ll have access to, so this makes it very difficult to storyboard. I’ll give it a go, but so far it’s another sketchbook-less semester, bad times. Ah well, once this one demo is done I’ll get my finger out (nasty saying) and get to work.

Listening to: Death Rays – Mogwai


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