Been so madly busy the past couple of weeks, really. I’ve been working on sound effects mostly, I’ve got a rough list of what I have to do this week, and got to say, it’s relatively… epic? But the sounds I’ve got so far are actually pretty badass and creepy. The group seem to really like them, so some more stuff in the same vain is in order methinks. If I can get most of it out the way now I can focus on my other modules better.
Though I need to do a sound that’s sort of like metal bending and straining, not sure how to get that.. any suggestions would be appreciated fo’ sho’.
I’ll upload the sounds I do have when I get the chance.

Also I’m thinking of doing the website I have to make in Fireworks and Dreamweaver instead of Flash, I got told that Flash sucks for websites, and also I think the Fireworks/Dreamweaver approach would result in less of my soul being lost to programming.

Listening to: The Dancing – Remember Remember


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