Well, tonight I’ll be working on sound for my entertainment design group. After many stressful hours spent on Flash I’ve decided to pack in the research and attempts to code anything. The idea was to make a demo where if the character walked into a small area the volume of outdoor noises (rain, traffic) would lower in volume. It’s really just to see how convincing it would be, and if it’d work in terms of coding. I might do a really basic animation as a substitute, but we’ll see.
But now back to the fun stuff, actual sound design. For tension noises I think I’ma take a big chunk of influence from these chaps.

Yeeeah, it’s Godspeed You!Black Emperor, but they can create tension like a motherfucker.
Also was thinking today that I really do not know much about Photoshop, maybe I’m a little limited, I was talking with the environment artists in my group today about it and some of the stuff about masks and stuff went way over my head. But ah well, I guess technical skillz don’t equal artsy skillz.

Listening to: Keep the Car Running – Arcade Fire


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