I need to update this blog more often…
Well, today was my pitch for Pitch Week, meaning we had to go into uni to present out ideas for each module for this year. So here goes.
Time Based Narrative:
For this I’m sticking with the idea of taking videos of ink drops and chemical reactions, but the issue is finding people who work with chemicals on a regular basis. I may have to ask the people in the science department at abertay, would be awkward… that or ask my chemistry teacher from school, though that may be seen as a little dick-ish visiting after 2 years just to ask him to blow shit up for the camera.

Information Design: Well, I found out that this is basically creating an interactive website. I’m not sure what I would do this in other than Flash (woo! ¬_¬). So I’m thinking of just going for a very minimal design style, follow a similar idea to the following artist’s self-branding: http://noeeko.deviantart.com/art/Noeeko-Identity-183229080

Entertainment Design: Bladerunner inspired atmospheric platformer, on which I’m the sound designer.
Apparantly for next week I’m to research how to implement sound into flash. Why must it keep haunting me so?!

And Popular Film Genres is all essay-based, I’ll just have to watch Scarface (the remake and original), Alien and… a few others I guess.

Listening to: Nice Guys – We Are Scientists


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