Well, for entertainment design we’ve been making some nice progress. Basically our roles have been decided. As the group’s filled with people wanting to do artwork I volunteered for sound design, so that’s me. Sound designer. Swish.
The actual concept is to create an atmospheric platforming game, in a Blade-Runner inspired setting. For a while we sort of seemed to be going in the way of making a Limbo ripoff, but we’re pretty determined to make it unique. The idea is you’ll probably be a kid, with no means of defending yourself from the monsters hiding in the shadows, all you can do is run from one neon-lit spot to the next, trying to find the end of the level.

In terms of sound design this has a lot of potential.
So far I’ve done a couple of conceptual pieces, I’ve put them both in the player below.

The first is a small song, it’s kept pretty minimal for a number of reasons. For one, the game is meant to be atmospheric, and build tension to keep the player on the edge of their seat. If I write I song that reaches a mad climax that’ll ruin any tension. Also it’s make for smooth transitions if the music has to change between safe zones and danger, darker zones.
The second piece is a soundscape. And if you’re at all interested the 2 songs you can hear from clubs in the distance are Mr Milk and Supertribe by Errors. Yuhp. True storee. But the soundscape basically is meant to hopefully set a scene, give everyone an idea of what our dense, dark city may sound like.

Uni Concepts by andrewgolden

Listening to: Take Me Somewhere Nice – Mogwai


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