So, for Entertainment Design we’ve been put into groups to work on an interactive piece, which they claim doesn’t have to be a game, but if every group is filled with games students then what do they think it’s going to turn out as?
Anyways, the vast majority of my group are actually artists, but we’re still doing a game. So far the concept we have is that it’s going to be a platformer, that’s sort of a sci-fi thriller. You’ll play a defenseless character, lost in a sprawling neon-lit metropolis, being chased by monsters through the dark, rainy backalleys.

Visually it’ll probably take a lot from films such as Blade Runner (like shown above), which should be really awesome. My task in the group is actually mostly focused on sound design. This game needs to really be atmospheric, but also have people on the edge of their seat, and to almost have a horror vibe. Only problem with that is that I could hit a loooot of clichés, so best to avoid the likes of creepy kids singing nursery rhymes out of key.
Instead I’d be taking more inspiration from the likes of the video below.

Ahh, good old Godspeed. Like that, but more synthy. This is going to be fun. =D

Listening to: Saturday Morning – Real Estate


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