Okay, for Time Based Narrative we have to make an intro sequence for a film, but it can’t be a pre-existing film. We’ve then got to come up with a very short brief of the full film, a blurb of it I guess. I’d like to just focus on the aesthetic of the intro sequence first, I’ve got a few ideas of stuff that looks cool, then I can try to fit a movie concept around that, because the bit that’s really important is the actual intro sequence.

Last term I looked at Saul Bass’s animated intro sequences, for movies such as Anatomy of a Murder and North By Northwest. I don’t really want to do another animated title sequence, it’d be more fun to do it live action I think, and I have got a good camera for that kind of thing now.
I was looking at TV title sequences, the first one is from Six Feet Under, an amazing show if you haven’t seen it already.

The second is for a show I haven’t actually seen, another of Alan Ball’s creations, but I’ve heard it’s pretty naff. Anyways, it’s True Blood, another nice intro sequence.

I’m more leaning to the Six Feet Under style, the really high depth of field shots on the scientific instruments is a nice visual idea, I could try it with the likes of ink drops and get it quite like the music video for Catalyst by Oceansize, which I’ll post next time. Then again, it’d also be quite cool to mix in the old film footage, like in the True Blood intro, but making that fit seemlessly with the modern footage would be difficult…

Listening to: 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong – Mogwai


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