So for this next semester we have a module called Time Based Narrative, which is basically video art. At first I thought we’d just have to make any old video, so I started thinking about doing a video like this:

I really like the idea of making music sort of an occurance, imagine being in that small bar and having this beautiful music suddenly emerge from the piano in the corner. Nobody in the video seems to appreciate it, but the sentiment of it is still very nice, it for some reason feel more sincere than playing a venue to a big crowd, this sort of free concert is a nice idea, and must be pretty satisfying as a musician, for the whole thing to be so spontaneous.

Turns out it actually has to be an intro film for a unique film concept. We don’t have to work on the film concept too much itself, but I’ve got some ideas for the intro sequence, could really just fit the film concept around that. But yeeeah, I’ll put that in my blog post tomorrow, or day after or so..
But I may end up doing this Take Away Show inspired video anyways. We’ll see, biggest problem is sound equipment, the camera’s great for visuals obviously, but sound-wise might turn out a bit crap, just have to wait and see.

Listening to: 1901 – Phoenix


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