3D Shizzzaaa

Well, first off I’ll show you the progress on my 3D environment, after all, it has been a while since I last posted about it. It looks pretty. =D

I’ve been thinking that for the actual ‘sculpture’ part of it, I’d like to take a little from Wallace & Gromit (as every good artist does, duh). Maybe just have an rocket emerging from underneath one of the houses that’s sort of in the middle of the street, might look totally bizarre, but hey, that’s the idea. 

In other news I’ve done NO sketchbook work, again it’s going to end up being a very last-minute sort of thing, but problem is I have 3 of them to get through.

Also Baerbel (our Digital Media Context lecturer who be craaazy, for those who don’t know) has given us one last task, to illustrate a plant, and give it a name. It’s meant to be the product of our seed or something something… I’ll just photoshop a tree and call it ‘The Shitty Sappling’… or something more obscure,  but you get the idea, it crazy.

Listening to: Carry Me, Ohio – Sun Kil Moon


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