Moosic Video – Finito

Well, yesterday I finally got my interactive music video all finished up, it’s actually looking really nice, now I just need to find a way to host it. Easier said than done, the video’s bloody MASSIVE.

Also I think I’m just going to give in to programming, just take a tutorial online, spice it up a little and just make it look pretty. That’ll also hopefully be good practice for next semester, where we get teamed up with people from various courses and make an ‘interactive piece’. They say it doesn’t have to be a game, but when you’re teamed up with people in video games courses what on earth do you think it’s going to end up being?!

But yeah, if I focus on the more illustrative, visual side of the game, that’ll be good practice for that sort of thing next semester, might also dabble in a little animation again.

And on another note, if you like blogs that feature really interesting artists my favourite one is FormFiftyFive.

The artists they feature are of a really cosistently high quality, I really do love a lot of the stuff on there, so for inspiration’s sake it’s really worth a look.

Listening to: Beauty School – Deftones


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