Well, today I’m through in Glasgow with my big bro, going to see Godspeed You! Black Emperor later on in the day. I got in pretty early, so he showed me around where he’s working at the moment, a place called ‘Film City’, where small developers and designers rent out space to work on projects, and sometimes collaborate. It’s a really cool place, but just now he’s let me use his laptop whilst he’s working on his own stuff.

I’m going to try and do a wee gig poster for a gig I’ll be photographing and videoing on the 20th, at Dexters. The bands are called We Were Poseidon, In Enso and Seams, they’re all pretty dang worth checking out.

But in terms of the poster I’ve been looking at a more illustrative style than before. One source of inspiration I found was ‘Ghost Patrol’, some really cool work, like the one featured below.

I really love the intentional crudeness of it, it seems a pretty innocent illustration style, but it’s really fantastic. It’s also, at points, pretty simple, for example the fur on the deer is simply just small lines. But I like.

Another good source of inspiration I found was ‘Fantastic Hysteria’, who have a really old cartoony style which is exactly the kind of thing I wish I could do. The shading also seems to have a texture, if I could achieve that it’d be a nice touch..

Listening to: Bicycle – Memory Tapes


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