Flash => Evil. FACT.

Well, today I attemted to work on Flash, not really gotten very far with it. I have finished my Digital Media Context  music video coding. Which is nice, so now all there is to do is the actual editting of the video, which is the fun bit, then I just plonk that onto Flash and, hey presto, finished.

Hopefully I should have maybe a wee title screen at the start sort of resembling the picture below. The song I’m going to feature is ‘Ransoms’ by Oceansize, one of my favourite bands… well, ever. It’s a great length, roughly 4 minutes, and it’s a mellower, more atmospheric track, so it suits the style of the visuals nicely. Hopefully.

It’s entertainment design I’m going to have to real problem with. It’s pretty challenging to code, even the guys who run the tutorials said that. I’ll explain the concept in a later blog entry, but basically it has to do with synching out audio files. Which Flash isn’t exactly built for. But we’ll see.

Listening to: Sleep (Broken Windows, Locks of Love Pt III) – Godspeed You! Black Emperor


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