Finally, some footage!

Well, And So I Watch You From Afar were amazing, as were Tubelord.  On the bus there however I did finally get footage for my interactive music video project (zing)!

And here’s some test footage!

If you’re interested, the song playing there is Cows to the East, Cities to the West by Tubelord, but that won’t be the song used in the final video.

So, problems with it are, liiiittle too dark, would be better if the final editted version had the blacks lightened a little. Also there’s some odd framerate issues, but I guess that’s windows movie-maker for you. Also, it’s messed with the actual quality of the video, but hopefully the final thing shooould be editted in something Adobe’s made, like Premier or something, I just need to download the trial of it when I’ve got all the footage. So far I probably have over half an hour’s worth of footage, but I want to get a bit more, to make sure the 4 minutes I’ve got, is a really solid 4 minutes of really nice looking shizz. The recent mad ammounts of snow should help make it slightly more aesthetically pleasing. Maybe.

Listening to: Home and Minor by Oceansize


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