Well, tonight I’m off to sunny Glasgae again! And I’m off to see these fellas:

Also I’ll be recording and photographing a gig late next month. The bands are ‘We Were Poseidon’, ‘Seam’s and ‘In Enso’, they’re all actually pretty damn great, so myspace them and such. I’ll be taking the video much in the style of the one above, though I can only really afford one camera angle, but it’ll be a damn nice opportunity to test out my Canon 500D in a gig situation. I’ll also take some photos but unfortunately haven’t figured out how to get quality photos without flash in light that low. But we’ll see.

Also I’m taking my camera to Glasgow, to take some video out the window of the bus. This’ll come in handy for my ‘Digital Media Context’ music video I’m making, which I’ll update y’all on in the next few days, it’s shaping up nicely already.

Also, an update on my 3D Illustration environemnt:

I got mental ray working. And it looks purrrtty, what with its cold shadows and warm light, makes for a nice atmosphere.

Listening to: S is for Salamander – And So I Watch You From Afar


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