I Can’t Spell Reservoir… apart from just then…

Well, finally got told about our last project that we need to do for our typography module. Basically I need to take a film with an intro sequence that I feel is slightly lacking and re-do it. I can do that one anything I want really, but the only program that I have that’s really capable of it is Flash. Oh yeah. More Flash work. Great. *eyeroll*

Anyways, I was thinking on what film I could do, and most of the intro sequences that people remember are the really good ones, films likes North By Northwest and Catch Me If You Can. I’m thinking of Reservoir Dogs. I can’t usually spell Reservoir usually. I’ve spelt it wrong a lot in the past. Yeah…. anyway.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this is a bad title sequence, hell, it’s one of the most iconic title sequences out there. But typographically it’s a bit… crap. Which sounds geeky and pretentious, but ah well. Also if I do Reservoir Dogs it allows for a really stylistic approach, maybe something a little Saul Bass-y again, but don’t want to end up copying him all the time, I’ll have to make a concious effort to do something different from his stuff. Anyway, I was thinking Flash lends itself to ‘Anatomy of a Murder’ style, jittery quick and simple animation.

Shouldn’t be too hard? Use colours as effectively as possible too, after all, all the characters in Reservoir Dogs are named after colours, so there’s got to be something you can do with that.

Listening to: Empire Ants – Gorillaz


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