EP Artworkz


Yeah, well, it’s been out for a week now, I’d have taken a photo of a printed copy, but for one they weren’t printed fantastically, aaaand I don’t have a copy. Of my own bands EP, I know, bad..

But it turned out nice, think I’m finally getting used to type a little more, it’s a really important element in something like this and I’ve struggled with it for SO LONG, that and colours… but they turned out fine too. Swiiiish. But in the next week I should be finishing off a load more Maya work, finish writing a new Age of Element song, and starting filming for my Digital Media Context interactive music video. Exciting stuff indeed.

I’d write more, but it’s late, and I’m tired… actually isn’t even late. But typography at 9 tomorrow. Spiffing. Truely spiffing. So I’d better head off, will keep y’all updated with the progress on all the projects though..

Listening to: When I Grow Up – Fever Ray


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