Dead Dogs an’ All Sorts

Well, I’ve had a lot of different concepts floating around in my head for all sorts of different stuff. Got another idea maybe for Digital Media Context. Basically I found this website called Youtube Mixer.

Youtube Mixer<Clicky!!

Basically it allows you to play two videos on youtube at once, which I thought would be madly cool for a music video, put half the instruments on one video and half on the other. Then make the visuals interact with one another. Not only would it be totally bizzare to watch them seperately, but also really cool to have two different panels to play with. The issues are that the videos can’t really be triggered to play simultaneously, which would screw me over for music. And for a lot of visual stuff too. So I think I’ll stick with my initial Flash-driven idea. But still, could be used really interestingly, even if it wasn’t based around something for uni. If anyone wants to do something like that with me, let me know, it’d probably be a lot of fun.

Also I was working on my Flash tutorial today and was thinking about using a lot of the code off that tutorial for my final piece, cus it’s really pretty handy. Basically the idea so far is have a grid of squares. Each would be a button, which would trigger a looping music sample and each square would be colour coded by instrument. But that’s a bit simple, I was thinking it’d add a really cool immersive element to put the user into a character, who can walk around and jump on these buttons. It’d be better than the boring ol’ point and click, but I’ll see. Also really tempted to Saul Bass-ify the visuals, would be a totally wierd way to go for a game. But it’d work.

Anyways, thought I’d share this, totally irrelevant, but still, pretty… yeah, just watch it.

What. A. Rebel.

Listening to: Dead Dogs an’ All Sorts – Oceansize


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