So much to do, so little time…

Well, times-a-wastin’, and I still gots a lot to do on… basically all of my uni projects at the moment. Thought I’d sum them up a wee bit though, to get a feel for how things are going.

3D Illustration: The street base is completed, texture an’ all, a full plan drawn up for one house design, a series of appropriate textures collected, and the lighting technique figured out. Still have to decide what the focus of the illustration is going to be yet, something that stands out in the suburban environment. I was thinking that maybe a contrast in culture could do it? Like a building from an obviously different cultural background, but I’m unsure as of yet. Also still to make a few more house plans, and texture all the house sections.

Digital Media Context: With this I can basically do what I want, it’s Barbel’s lecture, and she seems pretty vague about what this has to be, as long as it links in with the artist we were given. My assigned artist was a video artist called Len Lye, whose stuff you should definately check out.The clip below is meant to have music, but ah well, it’s still some beautifully fucked up shit.

Basically the idea I had was to make a short song (maybe like 2 minutes of Explosions in the Sky-esque lovelyness) and create some black and white video for it. Then using flash allow people to click onto the video to create a circle of colour. For a while I thought this would turn out too tricky to program, but I think I might be able to handle it, just to start the song/filiming first.

Typography: This is basically done for the most part, covered the artist I was assigned  (Saul Bass, what a genius), and created my 50 font poster, Attributes of Type poster and Game cover art. Swiiiish!

Entertainment Design: The least complete of them all, it’s really been bugging me, cus I cannot code to save myself, my brain doesn’t work in a programmer-y way at all. But I’m thinking a small interactive ‘game’, a grid maybe of a few squares, where if you click a square it starts playing a looped sample of guitar or drums or whatever. The more you press the more samples play, hopefully all in sync. I’d need to give it some mad visual flare to stand up to marking, but that’s my department really, photoshop the shit out of it. I’ve sort of a rough idea of how to program it, but it’ll take a lot of work. Again, maybe best to get to working on those music files.

That’s it so far. I’d love to hear any ideas anyone has, if anybody’s been looking at my blog. Turns out some people have, it’s a pleasant wee surprise fo’ sho’, thanks to those who have, much appreciated, really. =)

Won’t be able to do much over this weekend, cus I’ll be away tomorrow seeing Local Natives at King Tut’s (EEEEEEEEE!!) and then playing a gig on Sunday. Should be gooood, then come monday I’m getting shit done!!

Listening to: Sun Hands – Local Natives


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