Gold Soundz

Today I’ve been working on my 3D Illustration piece, the environment being the suburbs, as I mentioned in a previous post. I modelled most of the street itself yesterday, so today was for touching up, making the edges of the street seemless and finally texturing the whole thing (which usually takes as long as the modelling itself).

The modelled street is a pretty simple layout, all it needed to have was grass, driveways and sidewalks. I also included paths to front doors, as you’ll see in the pictures below, just to lead up to the actual houses.

As Wallace from Wallace and Gromit once said, “Amazing what a lick of paint’ll do, ehh?”, and I guess the same applies to Maya, it looks a million times better once you start applying textures to things, hope the same is true of when I start focusing on lighting, but that’s a long way off, got to model all the houses, trees, maybe a little bit better grass, who knows. But Maya’s turning out to be a lot kinder to me this year, last year it was a bit mental, opening it up for the first time and nearly having a stroke at the number of buttons there are..

Listening to: Gold Soundz – Pavement (See what I did there? Hm?)


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