Saul got soul! Or something…

So, for typography we’ve got to do presentations on specific type artists, next tuesday is my week to do the presentation. I thought I’d get it nice and out of the way early, but as you may have guessed my artist is a guy called Saul Bass. I hadn’t actually heard of him before, but turns out I’m already a fan of his work. He was more of a graphic designer than a typographer, but often instead of using fonts created the lettering for his pieces himself. He mostly did film posters, with a minimal, vibrant style to them, and this style soon became iconic, you’ll almost definately have seen his poster for Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo’.

He also experimented a lot with kinteic typography, focusing on how the simple movement of the type can convey a message, and what conotations we may attatch to motion in the same way we may with images and the fonts themselves. If you’ve seen ‘Catch Me If You Can’ you might remember the intro sequence, which is basically a TOTAL Saul Bass ripoff, but a beautiful one nonetheless.

Anyways, for typography we’re also meant to design a DVD/game cover art, using only type and basic geometric shapes, absolutely no specific imagery. I thought I’d go for a game cover, because films often get beautiful art done for them (some recent examples are Moon, and I’m Still Here) whereas games… well, games get shit covers, let’s face it. At least 99% of the time.

So below is my design for Half Life 2. Totally not a ripoff of Saul Bass’s style. No. Of course not. Ahem..


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