Games, and what keeps people glued to them

Another part of my course this year is called ‘Entertainment Design’. Half of it asks us to create a concept for a large game. I’ve been mulling this over a lot tonight, and I think ultimately it’s come down to what keeps people wanting to play that game? It’s absolutely fine if it’s fun for a few minutes, but what gives it longevity, and ultimately worth the 40 quid you’ll fork out for it?

I think for me a lot of the time it’s an immersive thing. If I put down the game controller as the credits are rolling and feel satisfied that I’ve achieved something that’s a good game in my opinion, and the same applies to films. So maybe, somehow make people feel as if they’ve come away from the game having experianced something great. That might come in the form of a good story, or a fantastically crafted atmosphere or environment or… all the above really.

A game that seemed to nail this nicely was ‘Shadow of the Colossus’. I never played it myself, but it seemed to have that immersive factor that would suck me into the game, and ultimately bring me back to it time and time again.

Listening to:  The World We Knew As Children – Hammock


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