3D Illustration Pt. 1

One module at uni just now is called ‘3D Illustration’, it’s basically a course in modelling in Maya. We’re currently using the 2011 version, I got my own version off the Autodesk website for free, not half bad.

Anyway, the idea was to choose a  ‘sculpture’ piece and a ‘gallery’ space to house it, but the definition of these two things could be totally loose. I’m pretty far into the development of it now, wish I could scan in some of my sketchbook, but I has no scanner, so ah well. My theme is, for the most part, suburbia. For some reason I really love the really american vibe of suburbia, I’ve no idea what it is that draws me to it. Basically I’ll be modelling a full street in Maya, which sounds like a lot, but there are shortcuts.

I’ve also been looking a lot at this guy called ‘Gordon Matta-Clark’. He’s a sort of architect/sculpturer, what he did was basically take abandonned buildings and cuts parts out of them, to create a kind of contrast with the environment around the building itself. My favourite one is a suburban house he took and basically split it right down the middle. He took photos from every angle, including inside the house, all of which looked totally surreal.

I really love the contrast it creates with the environment, the total surrealism of the whole thing, and the fact it’s in a relatively suburban setting really helps with what I’m doing. Unsure as of yet what exactly my ‘sculpture’ in my street with be yet, but we’ll see.

Listening to: Sleep – Godspeed You! Black Emperor


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