I’m on the radio now?

Looks like these summer blogs are becoming pretty few and far between, but time to myself’s been pretty hard to come by for a number of reasons. Working 7-days-a-week is the big one. Yeah, just that really. I’m loving it to pieces frankly, I like being able to go home and feel I’ve done something productive every day. Unless I didn’t get much done at work. In which case I come home and do stuff like this.

This is me and my friend Daniel Hewett’s online radio show. It’s a self-motivated project, and it’s very loose in structure, but it was a fun wee thing to develop a nice graphic identity for. It was drummed up insanely quickly, just over the course of an hour or two, but I’m happy to stick with it. We’re not promoting it too much, as it’s almost a past-time rather than a professional attempt at radio entertainment and hostmanship, but give it a listen. Episode 2 went up tonight. See what you think.

Listening to:

A Real Hero by College/Electric Youth