Who likes ice cream??

Well, I’m back from one of the best weekends ever, seeing Bon Iver in Edinburgh with my girlfriend I’m back to work, but I’m starting off with something a little more casual. I’m doing another screenprinting class and I’m basically trying to come up with some sort of appealing design, something that plays on imagery and little bit, and has more of a playful feel to it compared to the tremendously straight-faced band artworks I’ve been doing recently.
I’ll not go too into it, because I always feel desribing a design never justifies the image of it in your head before it’s produced. Suffice to say it’ll have a lot to do with this stuff.

This image is actually from Battles’ most recent single release, titled Ice Cream, which they released on 7″ Vinyl, in three different versions, or in this case flavours.

Each vinyl was coloured to match either its chocolate, strawberry or vanilla adorned front cover, and if you ask me it makes for one one hell of pretty set of singles.
My screenprinting idea will be far more illustrative as I currently don’t have my camera, but it’s nice to branch out into more illustrative work finally.

Listening to: Us Against Whatever Ever by Ghostpoet

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